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Club Langhaar Zuchtshau

72 dogs were entered, there were 4 rings each with 2 judges.

Before entering the ring each dog is measured on a flat concrete surface and their mouth is examined for bite and each tooth is counted. Missing teeth is a major fault and  an exemption from a breeding programme. Only dogs who have completed  their HZP  are entered.

All dogs are walked for at least 10 minutes while judges decide on coat , conformation and type. They do not stand the dog and neither do the judges have a hands on examination. The dogs are gaited in walk, trot and canter and following judgement their criteque is read over the microphone. Gradings are fail, good, very good and excellent in all 3 catagories. A temperament assessment is also given.

Puppies are walked and trotted and an assesmment of promising or very promising is given. Wendy Bailey handled her Greif v Heek  "  v good conformation and coat pigmentation and eye, beautiful movement and head .......very promising.
His Ahnentafel was then given to her with a certificate of his criteque.

Following the classes there was a parade of deckruden ...stud dogs. On the day 5 dogs were graded v/v/v which is the highest number for many years. I was told the quality was exceptional this year and was permitted to examine the dogs and their proud owners were happy for me to do so.

During the day there were NO instances of poor temperament contrary to the opinion of some in the UK ! I was impressed with overall quality and the kindness of the Club Langhaar committee and owners.

During our stay Wendy bonded with her dog and watched him retrieve a duck from water at 5 months of age.

Also saw the sire of our Nancy , Aron v Averbeck and a puppy belonging to a committee member of the Grossen Munsterlander Verband which I would have brought home Very Happy


Pudelpointer ( a member of the PP Club of America is coming over to the UK in September, if anyone requires information about the breed from him please e-mail).


Cracking photos Brenda - seems that you and Wendy had a great time.  

What areas are the v/v/v cover?   In the GWP/DD they do form and hair so the best we can get is v/v

coat/conformation/breedtype Sharon.

An interesting few days to say the least. Built some very firm bridges and the very best bloodlines will be available to us through their breedmaster. What they do suggest is our progeny for mating with German deckruden are registered with the FCI! This is their main requirement as an Ahnentafel has to be stamped by the VDH. FCI  registration qualifies our own Longhairs entrance to DLV prufungs

Separating form from function is an anathma to their breeding principles .

Lack of KC regulated health screening and compulsory conformation and natural ability testing in the UK would have undoubtedly denied us access to quality stock but introducing our own testing programme , our field trial and show results have illustrated our committment to ensuring the Longhair replicates original breed type in the UK. This was confirmed by a request for us to become CL approved Langhaar representatives in the UK.

I really liked reading that.  

I am interested in the idea of FCI registration, having a dog that does well in the breeds home country but seems often to go unnoticed here (except by specialists who take the trouble to go to France).  I however thought you had to have residence in an FCI country to get such for the dog.  Can you have dual registration?  FCI and KC or would you have FCI with a ATC number for UK?

Just register your stock with the Irish K C Guy, this will give them FCI registration.

From your own personal continental experience examining a different approach to what we do in the UK is a worthwhile and rewarding learning curve.

Looks like you had an enjoyable and rewarding time Brenda - loved seeing some of the photos as I do have a soft spot for the GLP  Very Happy  Very Happy  How fabulous to be asked to be approved representatives - well done.

What was the Pudelpointer like?


It was a friendly dog Alex and his owner was very pleased with him. Only young so was preparing for prufungs. This was the first I had seen and was thrilled to examine him. Good conformation and bone, head shape and etchings hasn't the refinement of a drathaar and they do snip the hair around the eyes. I could see this breed taking off in the UK !

No wires where I went, Munsterland and Westphalia, so didn't see one at all. Was told they are softner now. Saw 4 Munsterlanders and the quality of all of them was very good, they were smaller than the Langhaars but were robust. Teckels were popular too.

One observation was general basic obedience standards are far higher in Germany. If its told to sit, it sits! Jumping up is a total no - no and not one did this . Daily exercise is with the owner on a bike so they are all extremly well muscled, none I saw lived in the house but all had very clean kennels with an exercise area.

I was lucky to meet so many experts but it was interesting to note a dog I had noticed as a junior in Germany will be the next top stud following Aron v Averbeck. They will assess your eye for a dog by asking your opinions and soon sort out the wheat from the chaff!
I had a long talk with the Club Langhaar breedmaster about the GLP in the UK.

He looks very attractive in his pictures! Sounds like they really made you welcome then!

My first trip to Germany in a couple of weeks and really looking forward to it.  Very Happy  Very Happy

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