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Breeding Issues
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Bracco young bitch for sale
Bracco male pup
Working strain Gordons available.
Three gorgeous GWP bitches still available
Weimaraner Litter
GWP puppies available
GWP litter due 4th April
Genetic Correlations among Canine Hip Dysplasia...
Study reviewing 40 years of hip scoring in the US
Korthals Griffon Litter Planned
Cocker spaniel puppies
Large Munsterlander pups
Why do we do it?
Large Munsterlander Puppies
GWP litter planned?
German way of thinking?
pure working lines?
GWP litter planned
Mating with the same stud after first litter
KC Breed Health Improvement Strategy : Step by Step guide
Mast Cell Cancer Research Campaign
Teckel Pups for Sale
Deutsch Langhaar (German Longhaired Pointer) pups available
Czech pure-bred registered Weimaraner puppies available!
GSP Puppies for sale
Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer dog pups
Bracco Italiano pups
Epilepsy gene located
studies on effects of neutering
Form follows function...
Fading puppy syndrome
large munsterlander puppies
Trial dog / show dog docking.
docked litter availability
GSP cross GWP Pups For Sale
Podcast - Basics of genetic testing
Effect of spay on longevity
Tail Docking & Tail Injury
GWP Litter
Straight forward explanation of CoI and what it means
Litter for sale
neighbours dog howling constantly their bitch is in season
undescended testicle
GSP puppies, anyone interested
RIP - Dr Malcolm Willis
Genetic variability in French dog breeds assessed by pedigre
Genetic Evaluation of Hip Score in UK Labrador Retrievers
Population Genetics in Practice: Principles for the Breeder
The value of breeding programmes
Mate select advances
Decision made - hope I don't regret it !!
Bitch in season + entire male
Comprehensive thesis / dissertation on HD in GSD
Dopram V going free...
working wirehair pionter
How does a dog run? New study
hungarian vizsla puppies for sale
Hip scores more quickly
Kennel Club Mate Select
Return of the B register?
Do you have an epileptic dog?
Breed improvement?
Major Histocompatability Complex (MHC) a brief primer
Paper on dog movement with relation to speed and gait
Testing for genetic variety
stud dog wanted
Estimated breeding values
Popular sire syndrome
Optimum time for hip scoring bitch
a non-breeding question about seasons
bva press release re Caesareans
Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Pups available
Cocker pups
Breeders Liability
vWD test - a warning
Vets who dock
Sprocker Puppies
Council of Docked Breeds
Brittany puppies planned North Scotland
Teckel Puppies anyone interested?
B/W gsp bitch
Gsp litter due
HWV Litter just born.
Gwp pups
Weimaraner puppies
Weimaraner bitch puppy available
GSP puppies available
Welsh Springer Pup
Hip Scoring Costs.
Drahthaar Litter due April 25, 2010
Health Screening and VAT
KC's proposed new health database + mate selection software
Interesting NAVHDA article about Linebreeding / Inbreeding
update on 'tease bitch required'
GSP pup wanted
Belle, Caesarian and 5 puppies
Hip Dysplasia in GWPs
Is anyone monitoring tail damage and amputations in hprs?
GWP Litters
Coat variation in dogs
Weimaraner Puppies
Puppy problems and pigeons.
GWP puppy
Karelian bear dog - How IT became part of dog breeding
Long haired weimaraner litter arrived !
Means of Identification
Working Weimaraner litter - One male pup available
diet for bitch?
Pregnant bitch size
strict German breeding conditions.........
irregular seasons after puppies?
Irish Setter breeder goes "public" on a new health
price difference between dogs and bitches?
Infrequent Seasons
How fast is too fast?
Plans for longhaired weimaraner litter
Hungarian Vizsla pups
Accredited Breeder Scheme
Whelping area temperature.
Tease bitch needed
KC set to "ban" close breeding
tips for slightly runny puppy eye
Fingers crossed please!
Book recommendation and breeding advice
Weimaraner Litter
Korthals Griffon Puppies
Where to draw the line?
Tail docking
New KC Health Checker Tool
Weimaraner Litter Expected
working GSP litters
Help finding a weimaraner line
Spinone Pups for Sale !
Where do you advertise your litter please?
Puppy Sales Scam
Not a good start to life
OT - The functional Saluki - lessons from the coursing field
fingers crossed...
Dog Coat colour
hip score results
Please Test your Stock
Question for the breeders
anti-pedigree dog stance
cloning for colour markings.
world's first commercial cloning of a pet dog
puppy farming video
Can a spayed bitch still smell good?
(Time wasters) 2 pups to find homes for
spay is tomorrow!
gsp pedigree question
21st century dogs - article and forum
hip scoring - how to get in touch with marilyn?
My first WHV's pups
working long hair weimaraner litter German bloodlines
Retrospective Study on Spay Neuter
Tail Docking Petition - Scotland
spaying, should i or shouldn't i now?
help finding vet to remove dew claws.
A genetics primer and the science behind diversity
The Patter of Tiny Paws
A very good read indeed
hip scoring - before 1st season a bad idea?
French Brittany semen
Working Weimaraner litter
gwp coat issues...stud
Mix and Match
docking vet in wales available
Rambling discussion on GWP colour amongst other things
Scary..cautionary tale
Wire Vizsla - male pup
reading pedigrees
uk gwp pedigree question
New direction for kennel club regulations and breed standard
Interesting article on breeding for sound nerves
GWP Puppies
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizla puppies
hip scores
Having a litter ?? How does it affect your dog ??
6 week Vizsla pup
Pointer Pups for Sale.
Lost Puppies :(
Early weaning.
false pregnancy
Breeding from older bitches and studs
GSP puppies available for working homes
Dew claws
Pedigrees are a roadmap
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