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Country Fairs 2016 post CLA
Training days
Calling Brittanys living in Scotland
Course spaces at Kimberley gundogs
March Weekend Dates for Kimberley Gundogs
HPR training days on Field and Water European Sytle
Training Weekend Dates for Kimberley Gundogs
BWWGS Introduction to Tracking Training Day
HPR Championship to be Filmed
WCGB Water Training Day
New dates for Kimberley Gundogs
HPRs needed for Charity Event Nottinghamshire
Bracco Italiano Club (proposed) Meeting
HWVA Water Training
Working Weimaraners needed for the CLA Game Fair
Training day
HPR Water Day 27 July 2013
HWVA Natural Ability Day
N&S FT Club Water Training Day
WA HPR Training Day 27.04.13
Meet the breeds - HV & HWV
Beginner Course at Kimberley Gundogs
Pointer Club Training Day
HPRGA - Rory Major Training Program 2013
Live game Training day
HPR Retrieving Assessment Day
KC Pointing Breeds training weekends 2013
Shotover day
HPRGA Shot Over day
Rory Major Mock Shot Over Day - this Saturday (8th September
KC Judges Development Programme Practical Tuition Day
WCGB Hunting & Pointing Training Day
Talk on ‘THE WORKING GUNDOG’ with Andy Cullen.
HPRBA Mock Shot Over Day
HPRBA Introduction to Field Sports Seminar
Bracco Italiano Water Day
Kimberley Gundogs Training Weekends Updated Dates
WCGB Water Training Day
CLA Gamefair Gundog of the year 2012..
WCGB Cold Game Training Day
German Wirehaired Pointer Club Training Days
Kimberley Gundogs Training Weekends
HWVA Game Count & Training days, Trawsgoed Estate
FT rules and regulations seminar
CLA Gamefair 2012: Weim Reps Needed
HWVC Hare Training Day
HPRBA Introduction to Schweisshund Work
HPRBA training with Rory Major
HPRBA Spring Pointing Training
Spring Pointing Training Day, Crawley
WCGB SEB Gundog Training Day
Grouse Training in North Yorkshire - date confirmed
Grouse Training Day - North Yorkshire
Mock FT Day 30th January
BoP day 16th December NE Hants
Shot Over Day
KC Hunting and Pointing Training Weekends
BWWGS Shot Over Training Days
Rory Major Shot Over Training Days
WCGB Mock FT Training Day
GLPC Training Day
Anyone interested in training in North East of England?
WCGB Hunting and Pointing Day
HPRBA Companion Dog Show & Summer Fair
Gundog Training Facilities open day/fun day.
Bracco Italiano Society Water Training Day
WCGB Water Training 10 July 2011, East Sussex
Large Munsterlander Club UK - Natural Aptitude Day
Kimberley Gundogs Training Weekends Summer / Autumn Dates
HWVA Training Day 4th June 2011
Kimberley Gundogs Training Weekends
HPRBA Residential Training Weekend
HPRBA Rory Major Training Day
KGCGB Hunt Point Retrieve Training Day
Never Ending Book Saga update # 239
Training in Mid-Wales.
KGCGB Hunt/Point Training Day
Spring Pointing Test on Grouse.
A new gundog club in central Scotland.
Bird of Prey Day
Agility Day Dec 11th 2010
An Introduction to HPR Breeds - Patsy Hollings
Brittany Get Togethers - Scotland
Shot over in Kent tomorrow -anyone have details>
Norfolk and Suffolk HPR FT Club FT training days
LADs Field Obedience 9th October 2010
LADs Clicker Gundog Week 25-29 October 2010
Kennel Club Requirements of a Field Trial Judge Seminar
HPRBA Training Weekend with Andy Cullen of Laochin Gundogs
Search and Rescue Demo by HPR
Field Training Days For Pointing Breeds
Discover HPRs
WCGB working seminar for beginners and beyond 20 Sept 2009
Forum Hunt Point Training Day - 6th Sep NOW FULLY BOOKED
International Festival of Falconry
subura forrester
picking up training in East Sussex
Scone gamefair??
CLA Gamefair-sporting dogs?
WCGB Cold Game Training Day, 7th June 09, Dorset
LMC Natural Apptitude test..and BVA eye testing session
gundog scurrys
Training Weekend - 18/19th April
Forum training day with Rory Major - Lincolnshire - March
Another Di Arrowsmith seminar!
Laochin Gundogs Training Weekend
dog and gun day
GSPC Training Day
BWWGS Shot Over Training Day
North of England HPR Club
NEWS Shotover Day Weds 3rd December 2008
WCGB Field Training and Shotover Days
KC Judges Training Presentation on Sunday 12th October
Hunt, Point & Retrieve Breeds Association [Proposed] Mee
Fleetapple Day Seminar 26th October 2008
Forum hunt-point training day - 7th December, Dorset
NEWS Teach In
The Large Munsterlander Club Breed Specific Seminar
HWVA Breed Specific Seminar
KC Working Gundog Certificate & Training Day....
Training Day 18th October 2008
SRHP funday
BCGB 'Le Weekend 2008' 4th October 08
Kimberley Gundogs - Yorkshire 20th/21st September
BCGB Cold game and water training 3rd October 08
Training Weekend - 18/19th October
HPRFTA Judges Training Days 26th + 27th October 2008
BCGB Shoot Day 17th September 2008
LADs clicker gundog dates
HVC -Kennel Club FT Judges Development Programme HPR Seminar
LMC Novice Training Days with Rory Major.....
Water Training Day 28th September 08
WCGB SE Branch Training Day 5th October 2008
Forum hunt-point training day - 26th October, Dorset
Slovak fun day 28th Sept
Training at the Kimberleys 11 & 12 October, Devon
Training at the Kimberleys 27 & 28 September, Devon
Training at the Kimberleys 13 & 14 September, Devon
Forum shotover day - 22nd November 2008
Unable to use Gamefair Ticket Sat/Sun
Water training day near Buckingham for forum members
Beginners residential weekend in Devon 16/17 August 2008
German Wirehaired Pointer Breed Open day
BanGo Events - Dates for Diaries
Forum Field trial coaching weekend - Residential DEVON
KC Seminar , FT's and Working tests
BanGo UK Launch Pictures & Footage
GWP Breed Judging Seminar - Scotland May '08
Kimberley Gundogs - Yorkshire 26th and 27th April
Kimberley Gundogs - Saturday 5th April in Kent training.
Kimberley Gundogs - Suggested retrieve training day/s
Forum Scottish training day
WCGB - July, 2008 WATER TRAINING DAY - North of Watford!
Weim only - WATER and more TRAINING DAY 26th May E. Sussex
WCGB 19th-20th April - Weekend with Kimberley Gundogs DEVON
shepton mallet gale fair
Crufts 2008
Di Arrowsmith HPR Seminar, Scotland - Booking Form Attached
Di Arrowsmith HPR Seminar in Scotland
Di Arrowsmith - Seminar Sun 24th Feb 2008
BanGo Preview Footage
BanGo UK - FREE Day
Arun & Downland training
Beta Gundog Weekend
Westcountry Gamefair
CANCELLED-WCGB Shotover Day in Dorset on the 26th January 08
WCGB Shot over day - 26TH JANUARY, 08 Newlands Farm, Dorset
WCGB Shotover day - 23rd JANUARY, 08 NORTHIAM, East Sussex
WCGB shot over day - 21ST JANUARY, 2008 Moreton, Dorset
LADs clicker gundog dates 2008
Large Munsterlander breed seminar - Lanark
KC field training days for HPRs
Di Arrowsmith Seminar Sunday November 25th Staffordshire
Shot over training day RANGEMORE, Staffordshire 20th October
Shot over training day RANGEMORE, Staffordshire 6th October
WCGB FT training day Petworth, West Sussex 9th November 2007
Breed Seminar/Teach In
SRP training day 7th October
WCGB Waterwork training day, 27th August
Galloway Country Fair
GWP Breed Open day
Optigen 20/20 clinic
Training Course in East Sussex
LADs Clicker Gundog Training week - 22-26 October 2007
LADs Level 2 Clicker Gundog - various dates
LADs Intro to Clicker Gundog - 9th Sept 2007
BWWGS water day 30th Sept
kimberley gundogs upcoming course
british deer society auction
Wolfman Ch5 8pm
WCGB water work & field training day - CANCELLED
Lie of the Land on C4 at 9pm
Training weekends in July with Steve Kimberley
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