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Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life,
Working Trials Photos
Working Trials Champions
Working dogs Marquee at the Yorkshire Game Fair
mixed race games
Sign petition to repeal DDA and create better legislation.
Becoming a Dog Trainer
Weimaraner Association - Agility Show with a Difference
would I first work through KCGC before any HPR training?
KC Good Citizen Courses
looking for trainer in kent or south east
Mountain Rescue and HPR's
well done to grey and adam
working trial results
Any Tips??
GCDS Special Pre Beginner Stakes 2007
Possible water training - I'm prepared to do the legwork!
Hampshire Championship Trial 26 August
Weimaraner Agility League
A new agility title for my Vizsla
ASPADS Working Trial Scarborough
Agility Jumps for the Garden
GWP ABC Qualifier for 2007 KC Olympia competition
Gold Good Citizen
Gundog Agility League
Large Munsterlander placed in Working Trial
Bronze award coming up
any advise for a new weim owner?
Agility Day August 27th 2006 in aid of Vizsla Rescue
barking and other annoying things
When to begin agility?
Clicker FT Ch
Harley got his Gold KCGC today
we passed our gold good cits test!!
The Scale
Surrey Championship Trial 22 April
Breed First Schutzhund
rally obedience
competitive obedience
speak on command
left and right commands
K9 Multisports
agility shows
Resource guarding articles
Separation Anxiety article
Debunking dominance theory article
Bite inhibition for new puppies article
Clicker retrieve article
Socialisation articles
Toilet training article
Crate training article
who does agility?
A good day
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