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Working your HPR
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working hpr's Spain
Roe drive
Labradors used as HPRs?
new ideas anyone ?
My wife's first season .... sort of...
specialist dogs ???
How many of your dogs ever set instead of point?
Roe driving
Hunting ranges
Syndicate places available
Whistle for "find it"!
A left and a right over a munster!
a walk round for woodcock
Finally have time to posts videos and photos!
woodcock hunting
Shooting Sports --- with gun and camcorder!
Waterfowl Season Opener
Syndicate place/picking up wanted
Wild, radio-active, boars?!?
An interesting technique from Finland.
deer tracking
First encounter with Grouse for 9mth pup
Here's hoping.
Tone of voice.
Cold Game for Training
Forthcoming DVD
How are HPRs most often used in the UK.
hunting question
GSP - Training to the Gun
Training my HWV advice
A different kind of gundog trial
dog shoots owner in france
Picking-up September
Typical kill range on pointer flushed birds
HPR's on a Driven Shoot
HPR owners - What would you do?
Wheres the on switch
Grouse counting
Not The Shooting Times
Farewell to Caversfield
German Hunting Party.
HPR shooting syndicates
A nice wee video.
Grouse counting
Is a trialling dog a good working one?
Tree climbing Longhair
Rough shooting advice please
deer dog work
On the Moor
Young Shot Grouse Day with HV
Hampshire Gundog Society GWT
grouse 12.08.11
Tail Docking Research - must be resident in Scotland
Anyone going to SRP Club Test on Saturday?
Grouse Counting
Front Garden
How far to travel is too far ?
Looking for working HPR types
"Grouse shooting over HPRs" photo project
old scent
Point to sight to scent .......... to sound ?
Gun and Dog days
First Geese
Floyd's first day Grouse counting...
Water retrieving question
Seems some people dont want to work their weimaraners
breeds, coats and winter weather
What a day to finish the season!
HWV - "A Dog for all Reasons"
Testing for Damage
Picking up ducks
Master of All?
Gloating post....
2010 Hunting season photos
pointing foxes
What are members plans this coming season ??
Pre-season photos...grey dog, sharp-tailed grouse.
Grouse Counts
Me and my girlie - having a fabbie day
my spin picking up
Opportunity to join small shoot syndicate - SW Cheshire
Grouse Counting
ST Woodcock Shooting Article.
doing her stuff
Fabulous two days
hprs wildfowling
out today
Duck Soup
The Weather
A good priest
Picking up from a Piggery
First Day
Picker up wanted urgent
Beating in Berkshire
Big Day
Deutsch Langhaar Verband Schorlemer HZP Group Osnabruck
Pigeons over Munsters
Nasty Flush
Vizsla on grouse
Alex's First Grouse
Looking for work....
Grouse Counting
New Pup Gsp Lexi
German Tracking Tests
Grouse Counting
Last day of the season/ new trial grounds
For Bill
Mixed weekend - thoughts on some of it please
Coat Skin Damage.
last years walked up grouse, (english pointers and setters)
A warning
working weimaraners
Hunting Tyrol/Innsbruck Austria
Hawking this weekend
Website, Blog and YouTube update
HPR Partridge Day
Heel position while deer stalking
Wish you were here
Are there any soft mouthed HPR's?
Two Firsts with One Grouse
few more nz shoot pic's
interesting site
PuBS Pickers up Beaters and Shoots
photos from Turkey
Grouse Counting
beating in near Petersfield, Hampshire
beating dates
last week of ducks.......
A Brilliant Way to Spend a Morning
english shoot in nz...
afternoon hunt with "cooper"
Next ?
Liesel's Big Weekend
have a good opening day helen s
Woodcock on Film.
Patridge Counting
Invited to a new shoot
Forum members most fullfilling moment in the 2007/8 season
Beaters Day
I missed it.
Yesterday - Teal
A busy week
Update and new photos
Wednesday Beating
Saturday on the shoot
Pricked birds
Wind patterns
Picking up with Whistle = a few questions.....
a summers day walk
HPR heaven
To beat or not to beat - that is the question ??
Brittany Heaven -
A hard-worker
A Few Woozles
Over the Moon (river)
Rabbit Trailing...
Naive question
Today went well
today out picking up
The dogs and me on TV
Beating Day out
A good day
First day of the season
Strange folk in the wood plus more pics
having a go.
a few pic's from the nz bird season 2007
1st day picking up
The Season So Far
Pig hunting in New Zealand
Hunting in Scotland
Bad practice day on the pheasants
GLP and a tiercel
Training in Buckinghamshire
Won't point pheasants or grouse
dog coats
Feeding while working
Dogging In
My Phezzies are here - at last !!!!
Grouse Beating
A question for the cousins????????????
Pheasant and duck shoot work this season
Letter from America # 2
Mugi has an invite
Pheasant numbers on your shoot / ground ?
sit to shot
Snakes in Scotland - a warning
Back on the Duck
Human scent on planted birds
performance food during the season
Where to start
Spinone selective deafness
Dispatching rabbits
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