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Still chasing not pointing
Let young dog chase birds initially rather than discourage?
VIDEO: Presenting the Bird to the Guns
Training for 18 month old Brittany Male in Rescue
Newbie in Every Sense
Puppy chasing all the garden birds
Hunting Released Birds
Puppy not retrieving outside the garden
Gun nervous GSP
Conditioning your pointers
Trainer near High Wycombe?
VIDEO: Advanced Training
Video; Memory retrieve
Sorry for The Repost, Unable to Delete It
PHOTO: Stop Command
VIDEO: Brace Stops to Wild Flush
training video
A full video of my training session with my 10mth GSP
VIDEO: Young Dog Learning Steadiness Leads to Success
Quartering exercise for older GSP
Video 4mth & 8mth GSP learning to quarter
'Pointing Dead' /Pointing a Wing'
What to do next
VIDEO: 6 Month Old Gun Dog
Rabbits to improve drive.
VIDEO: Advanced Training, Coveys
Chukar Training Hunt 7/18/14
Rough Shooting?
Improving the drive of a dog hunting solo.
young things and nesting birds
A plea for water work training.
Mark retrieve exercise with barriers
Trainers in Edinburgh
VIDEO: Flush on Cue
Aggressive "Hard" Flush
New addition
Retrieving pointers.
Video of introducing puppy to retrieving take 2
HPR Training in Hampshire
Introducing the young puppy to retrieving
A simple mark long grass
Mark over river 200 yards+
GSP picking at 9 weeks
Your thoughts...
GWP Dropping Short...
16 month vizsla - not keen on retrieving.
10 month gwp not retrieving
Retrieve Training Photos
HPR training events/clubs central(ish) scotland?
Memory retrieve (more distance)
Mark over water
GSP on blind and training to get through fence
Buddy training in water Labs and GSP
8mth GSP training progress on quartering
8mth GSP Water retrieve still water
Training in Kent
7mth GSP training update
young wire haired
blood tracking / wounded deer
Training with Tom Brechney
Hunting, quartering training field/ground wanted
Pointing trait/age
6mth Pup Quartering training
April '13
forced retrieve
12 month old vizsla not pointing..
Training Group Details in Birmingham Area
What has changed?
Need a training companion
5 mth GSP on retrieves
Intro to gunshot
3 months old gwp
Joint training with Lab's
GSP Go Back retrieve 4mth
The Flush
Double pickup
HPR Large munsterlander
GWP pup basic training
gwp pup FAO Wildman
Pups intro to cold game
puppy recall
Clicker training vizsla - will it benefit me?
Annoying now.....
Vizsla pup not pointing pheasants...
Not many FTCh Vizlsas.. Why?
Switching retrieves
Hunting problems - stuck to my side
Sticky on Blinds
Vizsla retrieving problems
Sheep - advice needed, please
Steady on point at distance
Ayrshire area?
Shotover day@Bunwell, Norfolk
cold game retrieves
Eyes or nose
Just a little update re clicker retrieve.
advice please
Trainer in Buckinghamshire
To track or not to track ?
retrieving - transition to game
GSP help
Stop whistle (a wee bit of help please)
Im not Crowing about it but..........
The pups first swim :0)
Training tips please
Ginger, my Epagneul Breton training
work or play
Minx, now 8 months
LGC training day
Retrieving Advice Needed.
Started to ignore
BCGB HPR Training Day with Rory Major
Training DVD
stay command
Some advice please
3 in one command
Trainers in Essex
Help....not sure what to do....
Dummy Launcher
water work
Training in south wales
Dummy work
Pup help
To sit or not to sit ?
Newbie....What age do you start training hpr's for hunting ?
Ain't paperwork a bitch!
Cock Pheasant attacking my dog
NEWS HPR Training
Training Weekend with Tom Brechney
specialised hunting film ?
Picking up dummy by the end
GSP pup
Help - Weim
gundog forum
Training a dog to back.
Moderators feel free to move this if you think it misplaced.
Bit of training...
tail injury
Remote cotrol Release Trap
Total beginner Gun Dog Training
Luna Update..
Pottering Vizsla
Since it happened when training it's a training issue.
Figure of 8 Leads
Best trainer for the job - your opinion please
Confidence issues with a weim
training a vizsla
Catching up...Training with Floyd
WCGB FT Training Day at Glassenbury
Artificial scents .......... artificial training ?
My comments on Weimaraners
Desperatly Seeking Sanity!!
Duck Beating to make my hpr a keener swimer
Exercises to train instant STOP
Picking Up
anyone know this trainer?
huw kirby
HWV playing
How to make a retrieve really blind?
Teaching a dog to jump
help needed getting GSP to push away
running in help
HPR/Weimaraner Training North West
fox photo
Using a professional trainer / gundog club sessions
spinones can jump
first ecollar prosecution in Wales
Hunting on a retrieve do you...
Which Dummy Launcher?
How do I train my GSP to point at game not chase?
hpr trainers highlands of scotland
Scottish Brittany day
Walking Baseball - explanation with (coma inducing) videos
Keeping all the plates spinning - advice please
The Friday afternoon poll - soft and sensitive or hardgoing?
Confused :s
Stop means stop - or does it???
Stop whistle, does it mean sit or lie/down
Flushing on a back wind
Andro od Heraka
Could i have your thoughts on this mix please?
Retrieving problems
Too far!
gundog trainers on the Worcs/Hereford Border
Hampshire Gundog Society
Is This Correct or Incorrect
dogs for deer
Puppy Weim Training
Laochin Gundogs training pics
Cortunix quail what type?
pheasants every bloody were.
Tia and the grouse
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